Ain't Easy Being Bitch


A very warm welcome to everyone visiting our blog, and we hope you find our ramblings interesting and it would be wonderful if they struck a chord with you and mean something. This whole blog came about randomly as two of us started lamenting about their foolish adventures (or misadventures) in the stupid game called love, and while chit-chatting they recalled a book they have both read some time ago – Sherry Argov‘s “Why Men Love Bitches”.

It’s funny though, that when we first read this book, we treated it as a leisure read, tried a suggestion or two, and probably either forgot all about it or successfully pushed a trick or two into our subconscious and have been practicing.. then as we look back at our experiences (more misadventures than right ones), we realise how true the theories were as presented in the book.

Whatever it is, we’ve all had our fair share of scars in the game, and we needed an outlet to air our views about life and what it’s made up of. We’re determined not to turn this blog into a graveyard of plain bitchy talks, but then again, who knows what a woman (women in this case) might just end up doing, so let’s just let things fllloooowwwww….

We know, because we are women too. And we so deserve to just chill and rule the world!


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