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You Should Fall In Love with Someone Who Doesn’t Love You – Article Sharing


This is one of the more mind-intriguing and thoughtful piece I’ve read recently, and it really tells a lot. It may seem too controversial but if you have been in love with someone who doesn’t love you and grew from it, you’ll relate very well to this article.

It really is different – to be with someone who loves you more than you do, vs someone who you love more than he loves you. Women, being having the higher tendency to give and give and give, indeed may need to go through the experience of pain and hurt, and getting over the pain and hurt in order to grow. Importantly, you will love yourself more each time you pick yourself up when you fall.

If there is someone in your life right now that you are so in love with, but you dare not take the step forward because you are afraid he doesn’t love you, go on, do it. At least it satisfies the “what if” which will linger in your mind if you don’t, and even the worst case scenario of you being dejected and hurt in the process will bring you a very valuable lesson 🙂



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