Ain't Easy Being Bitch

Anything you chase in life runs away

Lately, a very persistent guy has been attempting to ask me out on a second date….not that it is not good that he is persistent….but being too persistent can become a major turn off…maybe it was my fault to start with..maybe during our first date, I sent him too many wrong signals, leading him to think that I was very keen to have a relationship of any form with him other than acquaintances…but even then…if there are any men reading this…please tell hard would you try to get a woman to go on a second date with you before you eventually give up?

For the past 1 month, I have been telling him that I was busy with work and other commitments( I wasn’t lying) and still that does not deter him from trying to ask me out. I would have thought that was a clear enough sign that I wasn’t that into him after all. Secondly..each time he asks me how I’m doing, my reply would always be a 1/2 word answer….one thing for sure…if a woman is interested in you…..she will talk/text/type more than 2 words to you… fact they will keep talking to you! So sure sign which tells you she may not be that keen after all…is when she does not bother to reply you or gives u very straightforward answers…This brings me back to our favourite book “Why men love bitches”. In it, attraction principle no 1 says, “Anything you chase in life runs away.” The harder you try to grab it, the more you will lose it… apparently this fellow does not seem to get the point!

I don’t know about you.. but I am running away from this one for sure! Maybe he should pick up a copy of this book and start reading too…if a woman doesn’t like you…don’t keep trying so hard…in fact if you do not try so hard…I might reserve some liking towards you because as of now I have none…I trust my bitch instincts and have decided to steer clear of you for good! 😛


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