Ain't Easy Being Bitch


Behind this blog are two good friends who have lent each other their shoulders countless time through the past 20 years falling in and out of love…

But no, we are not two whining old women lamenting why we can’t find love. We do not even support the idea of whining. Rather, we hope to use this blog as a platform to positively air our views, to house our random ramblings, and hopefully through our posts we end up sharing some of our learnings. If our posts make you laugh and go “oh yeah I know that one”, or brings a smile, we would be exhilarated and comforted to know πŸ™‚

Why this title, some may ask..

It all rooted from a book we both came across, named Why Men Love Bitches, and while we can testify that this statement is very true, we learned many things through the hardest ways. Really, it ain’t easy being a bitch, but being a bitch, I tell you, is so so so necessary. All of us women NEED to have at least some Bitch sense in us in order for us to live the life we want. It’s just how it works when Mars collides with Venus.. some sort of chemical compound need to be created..

So we have to do it, we reckon it’s the way to go. Join us in our fun battle with ourselves, trying to be a better bitch as days go by πŸ™‚



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